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Megapixel to Resolution Converter

This is a free online tool for converting the number of megapixels of your image and video to resolution.

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The most common aspect ratio is 16:9. However, if you use a different aspect ratio please select it in the box below.

Common aspect ratios:

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List of common aspect ratios and its use

Aspect Ratio:Used in:
4:3Standard aspect ratio for CRT and early LCD televisions.
16:9Standard aspect ratio for HDTV and most modern televisions.
3:2Aspect ratio used in traditional 35mm film photography and some digital cameras.
21:9Ultrawide aspect ratio used in some high-end televisions and computer monitors.
1:1Square aspect ratio used in some digital cameras and social media platforms.
5:4Aspect ratio used in some computer monitors and early digital cameras.
3:4Aspect ratio used in some digital cameras, smartphones and some portrait orientation photographs.
2:3Aspect ratio used in most medium format film cameras and some digital cameras.
9:16Aspect ratio used in some smartphones, vertical video and social media platforms.
2:1Ultrawide aspect ratio used in some high-end digital cameras and computer monitors.