Millimeter (mm) to Pixel Converter➗

This is a free online tool for converting a number of millimeters (mm) to pixels.

You need to know the pixel density (DPI or PPI) and how many millimeters you need to convert.

Step 1: What is the pixel density (In DPI or PPI)?

Pixel Density:

The default value for most printers is 300 DPI, so feel free to leave it that way.

You may provide me the total number of millimeters or the resolution, whatever is easier for you.

In case you have the total number of millimeters

Step 2: What is the total number of millimeters?

Total number of millimeters:


In case you have the height and width

Step 2: What is the Width and Height (In millimeters)? (The answer will follow the order of your input.)



What Pixel Density should I use?

Some claim that the standard for web based design is 72 PPI or 96 PPI. I use 300 PPI for the web and printing (300 DPI).

GIMP, an image manipulation program, also shows 300 PPI as the standard for new images.

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Typical millimeters to Pixels Conversion Results

These are common results when you consider a 300 DPI pixel density:

Resolution:Size (In milimeters – mm):
4K (3840 X 2160)325,1 X 182,9
1080p (1920 X 1080)162,6 X 91,4
720p (1280 X 720)108,4 X 61
480p (720 X 480)61 X 40,6
8K (7680 X 4320)650,2 X 365,8
16K (15360 X 8640)1300,5 X 731,5